Dance and Music are not just hobbies, they are a way of life

Delhi Studio is one of the best names in dance and music classes in Delhi and it is our passion to teach people the beautiful art of dancing and music. Our teachers and instructors come with years of experience and we provide a professional and fun learning environment for all.

Be it kids, teenagers or adults, everyone can benefit from learning dance or music. It is good for your physical and mental health and wellness. So, if you are searching for the top dance classes in West Delhi, your search ends at Delhi Studios.

West Delhi's Best Dance Classes for Kids and Adults

We provide: dance classes for kids, dance classes for adults for many different dance styles such as – Bollywood dance, Salsa dance, Hip Hop dance, Freestyle dance etc.

We also provide: music classes for kids and music classes for adults for many different instruments such as – guitar classes, drums classes, keyboard classes, flute classes, singing classes etc.

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